Accountability Guardrails

Accountability guardrails

[name=pospi] Todo: needs expanding, also narration on why these things are important

  • accountability (I answer to others)
  • interoperability (I can speak with others)
    • common vocabularies (especially resource ontologies)
    • protocol bridges
    • data translators
    • choice of platform (protocol, integration & consultation work)
  • accessibility (I can use it)
    • free as in money, free as in freedom
    • simplicity
    • configurability
  • extensibility (I can build with it)
    • hyper-modularity
    • pluggability
    • good architecture (the simplest code that can do the job)
  • agility (I am not attached to it)
    • (see ‘extensibility’)
    • re-questioning appropriateness of protocol & technology
    • receptivity to other protocols and technologies

[name=Sid] I can add a few guardrails for economic design of the collective. For example: following a co-op structure, value accruing to instruments like credits, instead of shares (sufficiency instead of scarcity etc.)