We are an allied group of intersectional strategists, ethicists, cultural anthropologists and software creators.

How we work

Presenting a vision of stewardship for the Holochain ecosystem and its intersection with other projects promoting justice and autonomy from systems of economic oppression.

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What we are creating

We build and consult on the use of software tools which provision for the necessities of life whilst making possible complex cross-cultural intersections and humane and vibrant modes of relating, exchanging, and caring for self, other, and community.

Tools for economic autonomy


Meeting the challenges of our times requires not just a new economic system, but a new vocabulary to enable it. ValueFlows reimagines accounting as the tracking and coordination of production, distribution, and exchange of all kinds of resources; from goods and services and energy, to knowledge, to currencies, to “current-sees"; in motion in fractal P2P economic networks.


Modular building blocks for the P2P economy— built to deploy social, economic and resource coordination spaces of any scope and scale. Communication networks which are fractally inter-connectable, off-grid capable, autonomous, permissioned and self-owned. No transaction bottlenecks and able to expand to planetary scale.

ValueFlows UI

What is an economic system without a means of interacting with it? ValueFlows UI packages zero-dependency, zero-configuration building blocks for user interface applications which work atop hREA, Bonfire and any other system implementing the ValueFlows protocol.

Tools for social autonomy


A design philosophy for Holochain hApps that empowers groups to intentionally create and share their specific cultural patterns. By articulating ‘specific culture’ through the assemblage of ‘generic tools’ and ‘cultural computations’, communities and micro-networks build contextual pathways for the flow of capital and content. Neighbourhoods is also facilitating a marketplace to foster a thriving, replenish-able flow of generic, modular, agent-centric apps/widgets.

The foundations of this work are rooted in Sacred Capital’s design for a multi-dimensional wealth system that fosters interdependent, locally-contextual human and ecological relationships.

“The Kit”

The journey toward a thriving future is long and unknowable. Our work in how we relate, who seeks us out and what we do together is to humbly make the creation of our own digital and economic freedoms accessible to all.

We seek to make the organisation the kit, and the kit the organisation. To create artifacts through our lived experience and the guidance of others which empower groups of all kinds in radical and emancipatory ways.