Guiding Questions

Guiding questions

Strategic questions

  • How do we create frameworks that explicitly draw in the sociologists?
  • How do we create frameworks that allow local inhabitants of land to own their economic independence?
  • How do we create frameworks that allow local languages to flourish?
  • How do we protect those with marginalised perspectives from being coerced into our ways of thinking when exposed to our technologies?
  • How do we remove predatory actions that are associated with language and power?
  • How can we have Ostrom contracts play a role in the way we govern commons?
  • Collaboration often involves taking on roles that are in the larger interest of the network. How do we create feedback loops to promote such patterns and push people to think more about cross-team collaboration?

Process questions

  • How do we ensure that diverse opinions and views are respected within our community?
  • How do we create a supportive and happy work environment?
  • How do we make sure that mental health issues are respected and supported?
  • How do we prevent burn-out and stress?
  • How do we protect ourselves emotionally whilst moving through the Decolonisation process?

Meanings to define

  • When we say “truly P2P”, what does that mean? Talk about 2-party offline transactions, miners, false-decentralisation.